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by Romeo D’Orazio


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Bologna Shoah Memorial proposal

Lead = toxic / bullet / isolation / war / anni del piombo (bologna) = Saturn

Stars = light / time-space coordinates / life / see through = Gold

Fence = Lead covered- Auschwitz shape- see through / sound amplifier (train station) memory shared perception integrator system.

by Romeo D’Orazio

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1_ ART / HERITAGE generator System

Instead of one singular piece of art, created by one artist, we propose a “Art/Heritage generator System” based in the archaeological and conservative works of the North surface of the Wall of Segovia.

Recent archaeological works done in the west part of the north surface of the Wall, have put on the light of day the fact that there is too much work to do (archaeological and heritage related) in order to know, document, understand and share all the information related to the Wall itself: it history, materials, stratigraphy, structural nature, etc.

In that order of thoughts we found interesting the idea of use the same archaeological and heritage conservation works (research, equipments, information, workers) to produce and open artistic generator system who has, as input, all the information and data mapped in the heritage research process.

Some equipment used in this kind of nondestructive mapping features are, also, electromagnetic radiation based systems, as is the GPR ground-penetrating-radar* (laser scanner and close-range photogrammetry can be use). We found very interesting the idea of using the non visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to generate a graphic and video visible result that could be used for objective or subjective proposes (artistic or scientific).

The inputs of the system are all this information “extracted” from the Wall trough those electromagnetic devices. Sector by sector, the Wall can be mapped using those equipment by the archaeologists, volunteers and artists.

The outputs of the system are the capitalization of documentation and conservation of the Wall as Heritage, the artistic interventions and, also, it can generate employment and formation for the local community.

*This nondestructive method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures.

It would be interesting to do the research mapping works of the wall in the whole extension of itself, beginning from points of high archaeological interest.

The artistic proposals can be located on each easy to project/non vegetation covered parts of the same sector that is mapped whit the radar (or other devices).


-Scanning/Wall mapping: at least a basic GPR system. Also could be interesting to have a laser scanner, sensors, thermal scanner, photo cameras and polarized filters (its depends on the research funding and the collaboration between private and public and educational entities. All the electromagnetic based equipment capable of extract info from the wall by can be used.

-Projection/Wall mapping: at least all the basic, typically equipments used on a mapping projection or a conventional on-screen projection (it would depends in each artistic proposal). Also can be used punctual physical light emitting objects feed by the Wall data, mirrors and prism regulated by that data….it depends on the creativity of the creators.

-Technicians: the system can put together artist, code programmers, archaeologist, volunteers, performers, students and sound/video technicians.

Even if the proposal is open to a unlimited range of art interventions, for the finality of the present contest we choose to present the most basic artistic intervention that the system can produce, that’s the projection on the Wall of a manipulate and processed video (real-time mixed and filter) data extracted from the physics of the Wall itself by the nondestructive electromagnetic mapping research equipments.

by Romeo D’Orazio

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